I started this particular post cite to participate in 5 Minute Friday started 3 years ago by Lisa-Jo Baker, blogger and author of her new book Surprised by Motherhood.  5 Minute Friday is a site developed for bloggers to share 5 minutes of intensely concentrated thoughts about one word, and with each Friday comes a new word.

But about me… 62 years later than I started as a baby in May of 1952, has given me not an exclusive insight to life, but a uniquely different one, just a each persons fingerprint is different. I have lived through each of the emotions that a person experiences – and I’m here to tell about it.  Sharing is a woman’s role, we must share in order to teach others who need advice.  Advice, hmm, for better or for worse is advice.  You can take it or you can leave it.  You can walk down the road not taken or the road well traveled,  but each road has been traveled, and each of us are the only ones who can make the decision to choose our path.  This blog is about my path, and the turns in the road, the dangers, and obstructions in the road and how I have managed to keep walking, regardless.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. aha.. i found a place to leave a comment!

    how beautiful it is to read your words as if we are sitting in the same room.. oh, how i wish that could happen, but just having you here, seeing your posts and identifying with your words is a pretty great way to bridge the miles.

    i love you dear hope, and look forward to new posts in 2016? (please, pretty please?!)



    • Oh sweet friend!! I blog on and off and when things are crazy, I am off but when I can sit long enough to reflect on it all, I blog. I have been off for a while but I’m always blogging in my own mind. Art is on hold but I have picked up my needle and thread again and have been a sewing fool. You know us – we have to have a creative process going one way or another.

      Love hearing from you too. Will promise to post again soon and you? Where do I follow you?


      • happy holidays, amiga.. i have some sewing projects on theback burner as well… one other is the desire to do some concrete ‘garden art’ of the large leaves that grow on the property.. i’m not quite sure how to start, and there are so many other things on those back burners, i think i’ll wait til a friend visits, and they we’ll tackle the project together…

        btw, you’re always welcome, but airfares are horrid right now.



      • Your ever welcoming invitations are drawing me in. It may take a little finagling but I hope to make a trip to see you within our lifetime.
        Hopefully sooner than later. Smiles intended. Serious intentions implied. Happiness and lightness of soul to you and all you love, joy to you in all
        your days and hopes for a peace filled future for us all. And may your leaves grow abundantly (at least until I can help you turn them into a concrete path)
        fa, la la la la!


      • Just returned to WordPress, have been off for a while, oh how I wish I could catch a ride on a plane or big bird and swing over your way. Life is complicated!!!


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