Both subjects make me want to scream.  Politics and Football – It’s making me crazy!  My most sensible sweet friends become different people during football season, and downright mean during elections, especially during this Presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. 

Social Media makes everything worse.  People will say things on social media that they would never say  to someone in person.  People on social media believe that everyone believes the same thing that they do – so no one should be offended by anything that they say.  Rudeness, crudeness and being downright ugly will be the new norm.  All of the above apply to Political  and Football fanatics.   Racist and prejudiced statements  will fly like bullets meant to hit and harm each other if you aren’t on the right team.


The Elections will be won and the Football Seasons will end, players in both arenas will try to win.   We will cheer and shout, curse and make jack-asses of ourselves season after season after season