Mia is only 5 but already she has learned how to be grown, even though she is obviously a little girl.  It may be pretend for her for is it? Is she beginning to find comfort outside of her real self and embrace her “pretend” self? As a grandmother I find the younger generation fixated by media and how it tells them they should model their lives to be.  They are learning from internet and from television ~ attitudes, dress codes, language, moral ethics and more.  A child cannot have a childhood anymore.  I apologize.  I should have found something easier to write about, but when I read Kate’s prompt word, it became necessary to scream out “Who and what is REAL anymore?”  It worries me even more when I see the parents pushing their children into competitions at early ages.

I just spent 4 nights with 4 youngsters, ages 12 – 14.  I learned that they know the words to all the pop songs, but can’t remember what they are studying in their classroom; they can tell you any insignificant fact about a pop star but can’t name all of their cousins; they have the gift of manipulation and are very impatient; The meaning of life for them begins with the capital letter  I . Are these really children? If they are, then where is the joy and the innocence? What will happen when they become adults? How will they cope with a REAL world in their fictional minds?  I want to go on and on, but my time is past.  I will post this and spend the rest of this night still wondering…