Once again, I am here to join the Five Minute Friday friends in a five minute post and today’s prompt word is Prepare, which just happens to be what I’m up to today…




The problem with being an artist is that if I am not painting I am always creating ways to be creative and that usually leads me into areas of the unknown art mania, such as Gingerbread House making.  Did I say I have 9 grandchildren, 5 of which are under the age of 6 and we are having a Gingerbread House decorating party.  Any sensible person would think that having 5 children under the age of 6 over to decorate Gingerbread Houses (yes plural, as in more than one house) would be a stretch. No, not me, the more the merrier, as a matter of fact, there will be 10 children under the age of 6 over , with a parent of course, to decorate houses, which I will have assembled and ready to decorate.  I have been up all night in my mind preparing for the day and the mess to come with excited anticipation because, its what I love, and because I’m such a bossy cow, I get to be the Indian Chief in charge.

First things first, I make my Gingerbread House as an example of what a real, glorious gingerbread house is supposed to look like and every one can oooh and ahhh and I can say, “oh it was nothing, thankyouverymuch”  when it will probably take me most of a whole day to create, which is why I’m all over the internet looking at all the possibilities for the most awesome gingerbread house ideas.  What I find is that the candy part is really important.  Its got to be flashy candy, the kind with pazazzzz! I will go to the local candy bins and sift through some soulful sweets today.  I just happened to pack up my old fashioned cooker cutters for some sugar cookies to decorate the grounds for the House, and every house must have critters.

Did I mention that I will be putting together 6 houses? Makiing 3 containers of Royal Icing, setting up for 5 families to work and being the Indian( bossy cow )Chief? All of this because I am not painting …  photos of said project to follow. Wish me luck!