It is Thursday and I write this post to join with Five Minute Friday bloggers one day early.  Today is Thanksgiving day and along with many of you I have had a very long day beginning early and well, not ended quite yet.  As I write I am sitting in a very quiet kitchen that was overflowing with family and friends 10 hours ago.  Today’s prompt is GIVE.


Everyone is gone except for me on this quiet evening after a kitchen full of family, friends, dogs and cats.  I am sitting here with echoes and smells of whats left of Thanksgiving day, surfaces wiped clean except for the floor and a swell of satisfaction to know that all the hours of preparation were worth it.   I suppose my mind will soon feel as tired as my body, but for now there is a quiet calmness and sweetness of being alone except for you.

I am a believer in the idea that memories are not just valuable but they are priceless and I’m not talking about just the Kodak moments. The memory of Thanksgiving in my Grandmother’s home 50 years ago is the inspiration that leads me to welcome and feed our family and relatives today.    Years ago in a house that still stands in my small town there lived a woman who hosted every single holiday dinner, and family event including baptisms, marriages and deaths.  She cooked all of the meals and cleaned all of the dishes with a little help from her favorite and devoted grandaughter.  Memories were made around her table, or piano, on the porch and in the kitchen.

Those years have gone, except for those precious memories, and now I teach my own grandchildren how to help in the kitchen and to set a table and bless the food, then we share old and new stories and make new memories, but I will always be thankful that I learned long ago from the woman I called Nannie what it means to give, and how to give unconditionally.