I went to my small town grocery store where on holidays there is a musician positioned over/on top of the freezer section like close to the ceiling, playing whatever holiday songs are in season. My list looks as long as Santa Claus’and half of what I need I won’t find there because they have never heard of most of it, Edamame is one such item.I am in charge of stuffed eggs this year for Thanksgiving, and if I forget to say it, Happy Thanksgiving! Southerners love their stuffed eggs and everyone thinks their recipe is the best, like chicken salad and pimento cheese, grits and dressing. Finding just the right egg is important. The egg can’t be too fresh because it will stick to the shell, even if it has been boiled just right, I KNOW and I’m not arguing this point, so forget it.

Thanksgiving and Christmas need to be spread out a little more, if you ask me. I can’t get over the first high cholesterol dinner before its time for the second one and then there’s New Years and lots of cold, fattening weather, you did know that your body retains fat during the winter didn’t you? Its a fact that I concluded after 62 years of eating. Trust me. But there is one perfect dish in the Thanksgiving equation that is the “perfect food” and that’s the egg. That’s also my observation, some argue for the Turkey, but I say the Egg came first and I’m sticking with it. Onward. To the egg section of this market to search out the perfect eggs for boiling, peeling and making stuffed eggs, which some people dare to call deviled, I’m assuming because people fight over them. Yes, that’s another fact known in the south, people fight over eggs and especially bacon, divorces have been known to occur when one mate discards the bacon grease.

Back to the egg section where there are Egad! Brown eggs! small eggs, medium, large, extra large and JUMBO
really Jumbo! I said to myself. They are off to the side like something you aren’t supposed to show the children.
I opened up a carton and found out why, Well! these eggs are HUGE! like really large and all of a sudden I’m feeling fainty, in my mind just imagining some poor ole Hen trying to deliver one of these out of her, well, ahem, I’m not sure where it comes out, but I’m sure its not big enough! and then she has to deliver more. I wonder if there is a Save the Hen project somewhere i could sign up for. really. So what did I go home with?

all for the hen and the stuffed egg too.  Gobble!

Newsbreak! I just watched on utube a Rhode Island Red laying an egg. It appears to hurt worse than I thought.  ouch.