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With Thanksgiving approaching I would like to say thanks to Five Minute Friday friends who have brought me back into the world of blogging. This Friday’s prompt word is Notice.


Years ago   My mother left notes on our back door for as many years as I can remember, and especially during my High School years.  She suffered from depression which was not something diagnosed at that time.  Notes would say   QUARANTINED!!!  or   DO NOT DISTURB! or  GO AWAY!   That was really fun coming home to after school.

I tore down those notes and for some reason I kept them, stacked up, one after another, in a small pile for years.  I would have loved to model my life after my mother, but instead it was my Grandmothers that gave me whatever it is that made me become  Me.  All that I remember about them is their unconditional love.  At some point in life it occurred to me that all anyone ever needs in life is – for one, just ONE person to really love them, and lucky me, I had two!

As a Grandmother now, my role models are still my Grandmothers, my notes posted on our door say   ~ NOTICE!   BEWARE OF HUGS AND KISSES!!