OMG, I threw on my favorite clothes to run errands and ran to the mirror to check myself out in case I had something on insideout or upsidedown. There standing in front of me was the very image of my mother, and I was not particularly fond of her dress style.  I’m becoming my mother!  In more than one way.  Has she crept from the grave into my being? or Is this what they mean about life after death, you keep on keeping on within your children?

I immediately ran back to the closet and changed, noticing all the while that most of my clothes are similar to what I had on before, all gray, black, brown, or white.  Now I was totally frustrated and all that could help was a shopping trip.  So I threw on my little snuggy tank that helps  firm up all the baby fat that I never lost after 4 children 37 years ago, which likes to ruin a shopping experience, especially for bathing suits, but I’m thankfully not going there.  Anyway, breathe, I’m off, on a mission, gonna find me something fun, colorful and cool.  Where to begin?  Not J.Jill where I usually shop and end up looking like my mother.  2 stores down is Anthropologie, and so I go there.

This store is ART, I wish they served tea so you could just sit and experience the act of being there and have time to let your eyes rest before you try to shop and behold the wonder all at the same time, its very confusing.

Rule # 1. Never walk into this store and try to shop without walking all the way around it first.  You have to get acclimated to the store and realize you have a lot to see.

Rule #2.  Be sure to check out the sale room first.

Rule #3.  Take a friend, a brutally honest friend who will let you know if you look cute or stupid in these sometimes overly dramatic clothes.

Rule #4.  Don’t let the cute young girls who these clothes are made for intimidate you, even if you are 62.

Rule #5.  Don’t try on anything less than a size large.  Oh, and be sure to wear that tummy tamer, sometimes a hip squeezer is required too.

Rule #6.  Don’t obsess over your hair or makeup in the dressing room and always turn your back to the mirror while you dress.

Rule #7.  Be optimistic, there has to be SOMETHING in this store that will look good on you.

Rule #8.  Be persistent! Walk around the store for the 10th time and look again. There are also great finds underneath the tables.

Rule #9.  Be aggressive, especially to your brutally honest friend when she tells you that you look stupid in your favorite find.  Sometimes you just have to use those two words – SHUT UP!

Rule #10.  Buy a teacup and go back to J.Jill.