I was sitting in the cafe at the Botanical Gardens after spending 3 hours alone with only my paints and paper and the beauty of nature as my subject. Hungry and alone I found a small table and sat. A young and beautiful woman walked in with her baby in a carriage and sat close by. The Cafe was busy and tables were filled but for that table next to me. The young mother lifted her baby from the carriage and sat him on her lap to feed him his bottle. His skin a beautiful creamy color of chocolate and vanilla blended, with lovely green eyes and curls that covered his head.

One table over, a group of ladies, out to lunch, eagerly awaited as the mother revealed her baby. I watched their expressions expecting smiles and nods of sweetness. Instead their eyes told the age old story of racism in the South, one that does not even exempt babies. In our ever changing world, the south seems to manage to stay in the dark ages of evolution, will we forever be fighting the Civil War? Will prejudice continue to draw the ” I dare you” line in the sand? The rules of Southern Society were made for the means of exclusion. I could write an entire blog on Southern Society and its rules, and it was clear, in this restaurant, that one of the rules had been broken.

As I write, I see a mother and her child and the love between them. I see in them Love, without compromise, even in the midst of an unloving setting! Thankfully I know that the world continues to turn and we, humans continue to evolve, hopefully toward the peace filled side of civility. My night prayers approach as I write and I know I will pray more for the table of women, who need prayers for love and acceptance than the mother and child.

May our hearts and minds always be open to love. Always!