Hello again, Five Minute Friday groupies. I’m here again and today’s prompt word is TURN. I’m thinking and ready to have a go at this. Check it out on the Five Minute Friday site and for 5 minutes it is YOUR turn.


Let’s get one thing straight, I am direction dysfunctional, meaning I am never going the right way at any time, and if you are ever behind me, I am sorry. There should be a red flag behind my car or better, a red flag over my car that warns people from all sides to stay clear of me. In my own defense, it is hard to drive and try to look at things at the same time. Thankfully someone smart invented the voice in my car who tells me where to go and when to turn, and she has not once been mad when I miss the turn. Instead she, my “guidance voice” politely tells me how to correct my mistakes.

For a huge part of my life, I have spun around like a wind up toy spinning aimlessly. When the spinning stopped I was still not sure which direction I was going. I have taken too many wrong turns in lots of ways. There is always one wrong turn that makes the guidance voice calmly says “Make a U-Turn as soon as possible” or something like that. I need her daily, sometimes in a bolder voice to remind me that I am going in the wrong direction, to use my brain and for Heaven’s sake turn around as soon as possible, get back on track and get to my destination.

MY ultimate destination is Heaven and with or without a GPS I’m going to find my way there for as many u-turns as it takes.