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The Carr family just welcomed our 9th grandchild, 3rd grandson into the world on a wet, cold and wintry Thursday night. The night before Halloween when wind was whipping up so much havoc that I had to lean into it to get into a hospital 200 miles away from home. There was nothing that would keep me out, a baby was about to be born and I was going to be there. I was already 6 hours late! Thirteen very l o n g hours later, I heard his cries, wailing from all the trauma he had been through the whole day, being squeezed out of his nest and all, well its just not fair. I would cry too, and I did, those tears of joy.

When it was my turn to hold him, after I graciously let his parents have him first, I was able to inspect him and do the traditional counting of the little toes and fingers. He has his mother’s finger toes, long and thin, capable of picking up anything hands can’t get to. It’s a wonder isn’t it? That all of this little human was miraculously made in only 9 months. You know that boys smell different, it has to be the testosterone, or maybe its the snakes and snails and puppydog tails, but whatever it is, its a boy smell.

My daughter, who I prayed for since hearing she was pregnant, had not one maternal instinct until now, which makes perfect sense. She put that baby right up to her breast like she had done this before and he latched on with an appetite. Oh the satisfaction a mother gets from seeing her child with her own child – there is nothing as joyous, except knowing that a new baby, a new soul has come into our family whom we already treasure.

Lord, please help me to be the grandmother you want me to be. Amen.