Here again with Kate and Five Minute Friday bloggers, to witness to another glorious earthly day.

Something you should know that I don’t dare tell most people because, most will not believe me, and I don’t really care if they do or not. I see angels, really see them. Not all of the time and every day, but there have been at least 10 experiences I have had in the last 30 years and that’s enough. They are amazing. Yes, they have wings.

They always come at night and it is during times of distress and grief, when I have cried myself to sleep or called out to God for help. My last experience was only a few months ago. It was a cool night and I had raised my windows for fresh air. I suffered much sadness that day and cried for another friend I had lost to cancer.
I prayed for peace that night before sleep. Something woke me and hovering over me were 3 Angels, transparent, and lovely, I could see straight through them but knew their features. The one in the center carried a sword and a shield, one to its right had eyes so bright I could not look into them and the one on the left held a flower. I did not dare close my eyes for fear they would leave. I sat up in my bed and said “Thank you God” and felt the greatest peace flow into my soul. My eyes became too heavy to keep open and I drifted away.