Mysterious things happen on a computer. Words poured out onto a page can all of a sudden disappear. As mine did today. I’m trying very hard to be a big girl about it and put on my “big girl panties”, no my “grandma panties” and not be disappointed. And so tonight I will expose something that is not my strongest asset…patience. I can be patient up to a point, but I am more likely to be frantic in general. I don’t like unexpected stuff to happen and mess up my day…I don’t like having to rewrite my post that was completed. I don’t know enough about blogging and all the pieces of ingredients in the Format section. I could try to learn about it but I don’t have the patience to sit and sift through it all. I look at the columns surrounding the page I write on and hope that I don’t make the mistake of hitting a wrong button, I don’t have the patience to learn how to undo it.

I do enjoy imagining uses for the delete and escape buttons. I wish I had one in everyday life.
I need to ESCAPE! Did I just say that? DELETE! I like the idea of the option button too. If i were the least bit obsessive compulsive, I would be all about Control and Command buttons. I’m boring myself. Time to go. commmand, option ESCAPE!