Fridays sure do come around fast. Here we are again with another Five Minute Friday! and the prompt word today is CARE. SketchGuru


Imagine for a second a world with no care for one another. I just wasted 2 minutes just pondering that one thought along with the visions that come to mind. Nothing frightens me for myself. I am ready for whatever comes my way, I have immunities built through years of living my life, but I care for my children and for my grandchildren, I care for you and for your children and your grandchildren – I care about what happens to you and to them.

I care in all my being when you hurt, whoever you are. I care when I read about those with no homes, no food, no clothes, no parents, no family, no health care, no hope. My heart swells with a feeling of despair for those I cannot help, for those far away from a civilized country, for those whose lives are ruled each hour and every minute. I especially care that some do not care, or “care less”. And so I pray and pray, to do what I can when I see the need, to give hope when I can, to trust that God will find us always willing to feed the hungry

I will always care.