Have you ever had that boxed in, constrained, now way out feeling?

Being a parent is hard, being a parent to an adult child with problems is hardest. That frog is me. I am in a position that I do not want to be, but I have no choice in what I must do and my adult child will not want to hear the ultimatum.

God does this with us each and every day. He has given us a set of rules to follow and as much as I want to do things my way, I don’t. I have followed my own path and ended up in a very scary place, one that I never want to visit again. Once I found my way back out, only through the grace of God, was I able to see clearly where I had been. I learned that when we believe that we are in control of our lives, that is when we lose control of it. Helping an adult child learn in advance, before the damage is done, to turn back, is my task for this day. I, like the frog, have taken one large step up and intend to leap out of this box before the day is over. My only way out of the box is through confrontation and I really dislike confrontation, but more than that I LOVE my daughter. It is time to leap.