Could I describe it? could I paint it? could I transport YOU, with only my brush strokes, into MY painting, that you could feel the air around it, that you could hear and smell and imagine all of the senses of one moment in time?

The masters of art and literature have the gift. The first time I remember seeing a painting that I was so totally connected with that I could feel the day that surrounded it was one by Winslow Homer, a painting of two young women on a clear autumn, blue sky day.

I was gazing at a calendar that my father brought home. Homer’s painting was the month of October. I stood in a chilly,wintery room but I felt transported into the calendar painting with warm sun, a crisp cool air and sound of the dry grasses under foot ~ I knew I had experienced something unusual. This one moment opened a door to my senses in other forms of the arts too, especially music and literature. Imagine, gazing into a painting, hearing a symphony or reading poetry and having a “beam me up Scotty” moment. A moment that you are lifted/elevated into another place outside of your own being. No, I’m not talking about a hallucination. This is about art at its finest, art that has come to life within you and has taken on a life of its own.

Now I find myself back where I began. Can I describe it?

In cahoots with the 31day challenge to write daily, I dedicate this blog to the late Winslow Homer, for whom my border collie of 14 years was named and I encourage anyone who has not seen the work of this American Master of watercolor and oils to investigate him in the library or on your computer.