This is what I suppose a grudge to look like.


Some people hold onto them, carry them on their shoulder and wear them as if they wore a piece of jewelry. I’ve found that grudges are really just another form of self-punishment. You can forgive and forget or you can hold onto the hurt, anger and the pain. The greatest feeling you can have is one when you have been forgiven or when you offer forgiveness. To say it to your enemy or one who wants to hurt and wound you, “I forgive you.” It’s huge. Imagine how much forgiveness we ask for each and every day, how many times we have misjudged another person, how often we have said things that hurt someone else, and we ask God over and over again to forgive us and what does he do? He not only forgives us, he loves us even more than before.

I held a grudge against my mother for over 40 years for giving me ashes and switches when I was 8. I wet the bed and that was my punishment that Christmas. It was supposed to make me stop as if it were something I enjoyed doing. I talked about that one Christmas for all of my life and every time I brought it up it just made me madder. Now, who was that helping? In the last 3 years of her life when she was stuck with me as her caretaker, we became best friends and I told her that I had held a grudge for way too long and that it was finally over.
Some little petty thing like ashes and switches had taken hold of my emotions and turned them into something ugly. I was letting it go.

It is time ladies and gentlemen for us to all take back the control that others hold over us and be responsible for our own happiness. No one else can make me happy except for me. I refuse to hold a grudge, no matter what someone says. I’ve been forgiven too much and I owe too much forgiveness in return. You won’t see me with a grudge, not ever, not me.

As part of the 31 day challenge of writing, I decided to deviate from my chosen subject about art in order to write about something I feel strongly about but never had the chance to. You can also link up with the universe of creative writers at The Nester