Blogging is still new to me, but sharing ideas and listening to others is not, and I appreciate those who are willing to share, and so I must also share. This is another effort with the group of talented writers in the world of Five Minute Friday writers and today the prompt word is NEW.


January, 2014 my husband and I took a leap of faith and rented an apartment away from home in a large city where our two daughters, their husbands and 5 of our grandchildren live. The children are 6 and under. The parents, with demanding jobs needed help. We are retired and we were willing and able. During the week, we help get children to and from school, bring them to the apartment, help with homework, bathe, feed, and love them. On the weekends, we claim time off.

One of my first priorities was finding a church home away from home, but this is a big city and I had too many options so I went to the internet, like any good American and found the list of churches. I began my quest. St. James, All Saints, St Mark, St. Mary’s all beautiful churches filled with church goers, inspiring pastors and choirs that could make me weep. I made my way down the list and down the aisles until I had found “the one”, the church that I wanted to return to and so I did – but after 5 attendances I had not met one single person and yes, that bothered me. My small church home in our community would know a visitor, but in large cities, I decided this must not apply.

I went back to the drawing board, the internet, and found the last of the churches I had left to go to, St. Andrews. It was downtown on a college campus and when I drove up to it for the first time, I could have sworn a ray of sunshine lit up the steeple just for me, like a beacon as a welcome sign. I walked through the bright red doors into the sweetest sanctuary with smiling faces and before I could sit down, 4 people had welcomed me. My heart was full. I chose this to write about today because I learned by my own experience what it is like to be
NEW and unknown in a community. I took my lesson to heart and have begun to reach out to greet others more often than I used to or just to say Hello! and Welcome! It does not take much effort, but can be so important to the one who is new to your community.