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Day 3 of 31 days of writing, bear with me as I write about my favorite subject…Art.

Who am I kidding.  O.k. listen, I enjoy the act of painting and love, LOVE to draw, it is a challenge each and every time to begin with white paper and make the first mark on it. MY mark one that carries my own special appearance just like my signature, just like YOUR signature, it is uniquely yours and as different as your fingerprint from anyone else.  An artists’ marks are uniquely theirs too, down to the brush stroke. It is easy to get wrapped up in your own accomplishments, thinking how proud you are of this or that painting until you walk into a museum and realize how little you know and how pitiful you really are.

I used to work in oils until I developed an allergic reaction and they made me itch. Once I took a number of finished canvasses to be framed and walked into the frame shop.  A little girl was waiting on her mom and walked up to me.  “You are an artist” she said.   Wow, I’m thinking to myself, I look like an artist.  COOL. I bent down and asked, “How did you know?”    “Well, you have paint all over the front of your jacket.” she said.

That was my first lesson learned about my own self importance.  I ruined a really nice jacket and learned a valuable lesson all in one conversation with a 5 year old. Who am I to believe I can create.  I paint on location as often as I can and have been to some beautiful places to paint.  When I begin to think of myself too seriously, all I have to do is to look around at the real meaning of creation.  This ever changing universe we live IS the ultimate creation. It is the highest form of art that could ever be imagined or achieved. God is “THE ARTIST” and I get to enjoy this beauty that he has created for us all, in my own personal way, just as you in yours.  Let us be thankful.