There are a lot of young parents involved in Five Minute Friday’s. I know, I read as many of the blogs as I can and I relate in knowledge of what it takes to be an active mother, wife, care giver for a parent, active member of a church, homeroom mother, volunteer, and still have time to be you and know your own self. I understand.

There is nothing exceptional about my own history as a parent. I started out parenting as my parents did. We grew up in the era that children were seen and not heard. Yes ma’am and no sir, please, thank you, may I be excused, and sent off to bed. We sat on the stairways to listen to adult conversations and when there were disagreements between our parents, we sat closer together.

50 years ago, a child did not question a parent. Ever. Maybe in a family outside of Yazoo City, Mississippi, but in this small town in the far South there would not be a hint of an attitude problem, and especially not in my parents home. No one would ever question a parent’s decision, because the answer would always be the same answer as it always was…
“Because I said so.” In your mind think of that being said slowly and in a deep voice’
Later on in life they dropped the “I said so.” and the word just became “Because!”

At the age of 22 we had our first child and at 29, the 4th, at 62 we are about to have the 9th grandchild. Our children and grandchildren have led much different lives and enjoy the company of adults and house guests but recently I fell into a flashback moment and was challenged on a decision and used the only word I could find at the moment…Because! Mia,
the 6 year old, calmly looked at me and said “Hoppie, what exactly does because mean?”