Its another Friday and that means its Five Minute Friday with all the bloggers who join up with Kate Motaung  of Heading Home and the word for the day is REACH.  I will sit for a minute, drink my coffee and contemplate what words bubble up to the surface of my brain and begin to write.  In five minutes I will stop.



 I revisited one of my favorite books just recently, Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s book “Gift from the Sea”.  She writes this timeless book for women and in it compares our lives to the shells on the beach, and in the most captivating form of words makes sense of it.  The first time I read the book I was in the stage of the oyster shell, and here she describes it.

“Not, rare, there are many of them on the beach and yet each one is individual… Each is fitted and formed by its on life and struggle to survive.  It is an oyster, with small shells clinging to its humped back…It looks rather like a house of a big family, pushing out one addition after another to hold its teeming life. “

I remember well those days, when there was not enough time to work, to clean, fold clothes, make meals, do chores, taxi  children, attend to social niceties, much less have a normal conversation with my husband surrounded by four children under the age of 7 years.  Those days are over but I carry the experiences of motherhood and early marriage on into my 62 years, the house is empty and the children are gone, the battle scars are visible but they say “We survived!”  Now my husband and I look to each other, smile as reach toward each other. 

I am very much aware that the battles are not over – the family now numbers 18, but it is with an easiness that I anticipate them. There is a satisfaction in knowing that God has brought us through this far and when we reach the ultimate goal, Heaven, there will be plenty of time for rest.