I see Angels. Since childhoodI have experienced the presence of Angels but over the last 20 years I have actually seen them and It is not my imagination.  I am so sure that I would take a lie detector test to have a certificate saying I am not lying.

Angels are non gender, they look like both male and female and they do have wings but you can hardly see them. One reason may be because Angels appear in a transparent state but their features are easily recognized.  I do not know why I see them, but I do.  They appear to me in the night, in times of trouble especially.  I can be sound asleep and suddenly I am awakened to see them in my room, over or around me.  The first angel came as a forewarning to cancer that was discovered the next week. It stood over me and I could feel a sharp pain in my left breast, the same one removed three weeks later.  An angel appeared after the death of a friend, glowing and with outstretched arms.  Three angels floated over my bed, one with a shield and a sword, one with eyes so bright that I could not look at them and the other that held nothing but a flower. Four Angels surrounded me at all corners of my bed on a fall night with windows open and curtains moving.  I only remember how very tall they were.

In order to know that I was actually experiencing these events I had to learn to sit up in my bed instead of lying still, to say words like “thank you”.  I found that their presence was so comforting that I struggled to keep my eyes open.  Knowing that they were there brought on a peace that could only encourage sleep. 

Some people say that they have seen Martians.  I will never argue with them.  There is much more to this world than we know, because what we know is only a fraction of what we don’t know.  I have seen Angels.  I have seen Demons as well, but that is another post.