It has only been 4 days since the last of 18 family members left the house after a 5 day weekend.

I am the mother in charge and the chief cook, the dish washer, the folder of clothes and I am 62. Not that it matters.  But when families collide in full force and food must be offered its important for someone to be in charge.  How I love a challenge, and getting prepared for the incoming swarm of young mouths to feed.  I should have been a bird.  I can totally understand eating worms to feed hungry kids.  It has to be easier than chicken spaghetti.   Did I just say that?  

Change subject. I really do LOVE our family, and the excitement that comes into our quiet home when they arrive, all of them in full force.     And like mother bird I want the nest to be just right, always,  clean, soft, fluffy and plenty to eat, but even mother birds know that when the time comes and everyone has had their fill, its time to push them out.