Its a Thursday as I sit in the kitchen with my first coffee.

  I leave in 2 hours for a weekend with my best girls, friends, a cousin, moms, grandmothers all of us.  It is not our first adventure together.  We are old ladies in our 60’s who need a break from the routine of life to revisit old times.  We will gather yearly until we land in the same nursing home where we can have wheel chair races and hourly chats that we don’t remember. 

There are storytellers among us who will remind us that we were young once, briefly, even though we still do not appear or act “old”.


  A chef will have cooked all night before we gather to feed us, the dietician will tell us it is all bad for us, the drama queen will turn all conversations into a spectacle, the beauty queen will recant as she has for the last 10 years the conspiracy to keep her from being crowned Homecoming Queen, the accountant will keep all of the waiters and waitresses happy, and Debbie Downer will always be disagreeable about something. 

Yes, it will be a most wonderful weekend.

  We will cover all of the emotions that friends, especially women friends, share.  We will laugh too  much, cry too much, imbibe too much,  eat way too much and recall too much.  Then on Sunday we will hit the reset button and go home  to relax from the weekend.

  Here’s to best girls!  everywhere.