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The Concerto for Oboe in B Flat Major is one of my favorite classical pieces. When I listen to music and this  piece begins to play, I immediately become still and expectant for the passages that I know I will soon hear.   All around me is forgotten and I listen.  The oboe begins to play and I hear the subtle differences in chords that bend major and minor notes around each other, forming  a brief gasp of unexpected melody, my heart swells and my eyes water and I am overwhelmed with joy in the music..  My soul soars and I thank God for it.

The beauty in the unexpected always catches me off guard.     I have painted for over 25 years and I should  know how my watercolor paints behave, but now and then a cosmic occurrence ( as I call them) will happen on my paper.  Two colors  will collide in a pool of water and fight to keep away from each other, forming their own boundaries until the weakest  gives in to the other.    Harmony begins,   and my painting takes on a new life of its own, not created by me.

Is the beauty of life  in the unexpected, the juxtaposed major key played along side a minor one, or magnesium blue placed in a pool of permanent rose?  Music, paint, and especially  life  requires the element of surprise to keep us wondering, to elevate our attention and keep us aware of the beauty of this creation.  As I write this  a bird sitting on a near branch above me sings in minor key, another answers in the major.  Harmony.